Do you have yellow feet? This is what it may mean

Are your soles and toes a different colour than they normally are?

Everyone has different kinds of feet. One person has lighter feet, while another persen has a yellow glow over their feet and toes. This doesn’t have to mean anything yet, but in some cases it can be a sign of something serious. So do you have more than just a bit of yellow callus on your feet? Examine your soles closely or visit your GP just in case. 

This could have six different causes.

1. Callus

Even though it is officially a skin condition, we all have it. You get callus on your feet from walking a lot or because you wear shoes that are too tight. It is an extra layer of protection on your feet and therefore completely harmless. Callus feels hard and rough to the touch and can sometimes be a bit yellow. So that is why your soles are yellow! Get a pumice stone and carefully try to get rid of some of that callus. In case you don’t really like the pumice stone, you can always try a pedicure.

2. Jaundice

In case you don’t just have yellow soles but the yellow colour also spreads to your skin and the whites of your eyes, it could be a condition called jaundice. Jaundice can be caused by the use of some medication like the contraceptive pill, anabolic steroids or penicillin. Additionally, viral infections like hepatitis A, hepatitis B or hepatitis C can also cause jaundice. The moment the condition is treated, the jaundice will disappear. So no need to worry too much!

3. Carotenemia

Are you suffering from an underactive thyroid, diabetes, liver or kidney disease, or a high cholesterol? Then you could suffer from a heightened level of carotenoids in you blood. Normally, your body gets rid of these carotenoids as body waste. However, when you are suffering from one of the conditions mentioned here, this doesn’t happen. The result? You get yellow feet and yellow palms.

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