Got bad sunburn? Use this unexpected everyday product to get rid of it


Who knew you could use this product to alleviate sunburn?

It happens to the best of us: getting sunburn. We all know we should use sunscreen, but sometimes you simply forget or you underestimate the power of the sun and you end up with a red back or shoulders. Nobody likes getting sunburnt since it hurts like nobody’s business. Plus, it seems to take ages before your skin feels normal again, and the flaking. Yikes! Luckily, there’s a simple way to help get rid of sunburn and to immediately alleviate the pain.

Just use shaving cream!

Shaving cream

There’s no need to spend a ton of money on expensive, fancy aftersuns or going to the doctor’s. All you need is some shaving cream and chances are you already own that anyway. It’s the perfect home remedy! One American mom swears by this method and says she’s learnt it from her mother-in-law, who had in turn learnt it from a doctor about 40 years ago. Cindie Allen-Stewart shared her trick on Facebook and everybody went crazy. All you need is shaving cream! You do have to make sure it’s a foam and that it contains menthol.


It might sound a little weird, but shaving cream is actually perfect for removing sunburn. It contains multiple ingredients that soothe as well as moisturise a burn. With this trick, your skin won’t start peeling, which in itself is already a great reason to try this because flaking skin is so annoying and gross. But there’s much more to this trick. The menthol will cool your skin, which immediately alleviates the stinging and burning sensations. Then there’s the oils or aloe that’s in a lot of creams, and that helps against irritation and inflammation. Your burnt skin will be so moisturised that it won’t dry out in the first hours.


Cindie Allen-Stewart says that it takes a few days for the treatment to work, but that it works like a charm then. She also says that she definitely recommends using sunscreen so you don’t get sunburn at all. This treatment with shaving cream might work great, but it won’t protect you from skin damage or skin cancer.

Take a look at the video below to see how Cindie’s trick works exactly:

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Source: TipHero | Image: video still YouTube