Shocking: you’ll never want to eat dates again for this gross reason


Dates carry a nasty secret with them…

We used to love dates, but now that we know this, we’re not very likely to eat them anytime soon. They carry a very gross secret with them. A Dutch TV programme researched the contents of the dates you can buy in any supermarket. The result? We’re not the only ones who really like the sweet delicacy, as it turns out…

We’re really grossed out by this.

Date palm

We use dates in all kinds of dishes and drinks like smoothies, baked goods and Moroccan tajines. The sweet fruit can be eaten both fresh and dried. Especially in the Middle East, these sweets fruits are often used in all kinds of different delicious dishes. But pay attention, because before you use dates in your food or drinks, it’s a good idea to check the insides of the fruit. Read further about these creatures on the next page!