Are flying ants swarming around your house? This is how to get rid of them

flying ants
There are several ways to exterminate them

Most ants don’t have wings, but during the mating season it’s entirely possible that you’ll see many flying ants swarming around. They aren’t dangerous, but many people perceive them as scary or gross. This is how to get rid of them!

There are several ways to ban them from your home.


If you see many flying ants in and around your home, chances are there’s an anthill in your garden or at least close to your home. Flying ants will invade your home through open doors and windows. The anthill is most likely located outside, but ants can also build a nest inside, usually in a crawlspace. During the mating season of the ant at the end of July and the beginning of August, there’s a large chance to see flying ants. They aren’t dangerous, but many people are grossed out by them and would rather get rid of them.

Prevent flying ants

The best way to prevent any disturbance from flying ants is to get rid of the possible anthill in your garden. Keep your windows and doors closed or use a screen door to prevent the bugs from getting in. Since flying ants are looking for food, it’s wise to cover your food and make sure your garbage can is closed off. Wash your dishes immediately instead of leaving them out on the counter. It also might be wise to close small holes and gaps in your house with a sealant.

Have the flying ants already gotten into your home? Read how to exterminate them on the next page.

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