Do you suffer from back problems? This is why you should not walk around with it too long

Possible causes

Non-specific back pain occurs by far in most people. In this case, no specific cause can be found for the persistent complaints. This often occurs in the lower back. This is also called low back pain, lumbago or spit. Possible causes for non-specific back pain are:

  • Wrong posture
  • Exercise your back often and for a long time
  • Improper form while lifting
  • Being overweight
  • Stress
  • Lots of driving
  • Pregnancy
  • Therapy

Do you often suffer from back complaints? Don’t walk around with this too long, but consult a doctor to determine a cause, especially if the pain is severe, lasts longer than six weeks, causes tingling or feeling numb or radiates to other places. A doctor is able to make a diagnosis and treat you in the right way to reduce the symptoms.

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Source: Gezondheidsplein | Image: Unsplash