Our fingerprints can tell us a lot about ourselves. What kind of fingerprints do you have?

Our fingerprints tell us about who we are

“Dermatoglyphics” is the name that’s been given to scientific research into fingerprints. It helps us learn how the patterns of our fingerprints correspond to our personalities and habits. Take a look at the pictures below and read the description that goes with your fingerprint. Is it accurate? 

Fingerprint #1

A fingerprint with loops like this is the most common pattern for Europeans. It’s connected to a calm and balanced personality. People who have a fingerprint like this are often very sympathetic and try to help other people. They are quick to make friends. Even though they are very diligent and work hard, they rarely take initiative.

The most important source of information and emotions for these people is their contact with other people. They’re emotionally predictable, have an open heart and are often in great health. Nevertheless, they can feel just as sick as children once they have fallen ill.

People with this type of fingerprint are often optimistic. They despise dull work they aren’t interested in. If you have a fingerprint with loops, you’ve got a strong imagination or you have what they call dreamy eyes.

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