This is why it’s very important that you DON’T make your bed in the morning!


It’ll only save you time in the morning!

There are two kinds of people in this world: you’ve got the people who wake up in the morning, push away the covers and get on with their day, and there’s the people who don’t leave the bedroom until their bed is properly made. We’ve got news for that last group of people, though: you’re better off saving yourself the trouble.

You shouldn’t make your bed in the morning.


It might seem a little lazy to not make your bed in the morning. After all, your bedroom looks much neater when you’ve properly made the bed. But research done by Kingston University London shows that making your bed can have negative consequences when it comes to your health.


When you make your bed, you’re actually really creating a utopia for mites. They can nestle themselves in your sweat and warmth and can very easily multiply because of this. This increases your chances of getting eczema, dermatitis, hay fever, asthma and other allergies. A made bed can house up to 1.5 million mites!


Stephen Petrlove, who led the research team, recommends turning down the covers on your bed when you wake up. This way, your bed can properly air, which gives the mites a lower chance of survival. Another good tip is properly ventilating your bedroom; this is also very important!

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Source: Gezonder Leven | Image: video still YouTube