Sore throat? Forget about cough drops and honey: eat some chocolate


Chocolate is an effective and delicious remedy for a sore throat

What do you do when you get a sore throat? We’re guessing you’re probably sucking on cough drops all day or taking shots of grossly sweet cough syrup. You can leave those things in the medicine cabinet from now on, though, because there’s a much more effective remedy for a sore throat: chocolate! Yes, you read that right. We’ll explain how and why…

We couldn’t believe our ears – this is amazing news!


Professor Alyn Morice, head of cardiovascular and respiratory studies at the University of Hull, did research into the health benefits of chocolate. He says he knows that it sounds unbelievable but that “as an independent clinician who has spent years researching the mechanism of cough” the evidence is completely solid.

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