This is how you can ban vermin from your home with a tea bag


This trick works especially well against mice

No matter how clean you keep your home, it isn’t always possible to keep out the vermin, especially during autumn or winter. Mice are especially fond of finding a warm spot in our homes during that time. Although some people might think they look adorable, we’d rather not have them taking up residence in our homes. Are you looking for a simple trick to get rid of vermin? Then this trick with a tea bag is just what you need!

Make your home a mice-free zone with this animal-friendly trick.

Mice are vermin

It’s important to realise that once you’ve spotted one mouse in your house, you can be sure there are more. Mice are vermin, after all, and they multiply like crazy. Once they’ve found a nice, comfortable spot in your home, they’ll start to build an enormous mouse family. If you haven’t spotted any mice yet but have come across droppings or gnawed out holes in cardboard boxes, you probably have mice in your home as well.

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