With these 6 tips you’ll get rid of your cold within 24 hours

4. Exercise

This is a question that often arises: is it smart to exercise when you’re coming down with something? Oftentimes, you’re feeling too tired for it anyway. Yet going for a walk or doing some light training can help you get rid of your cold quicker. Not only will you feel more energised if you go out for a little bit, but it’ll also cause you to breathe more deeply. And that means: bye bye, stuffy nose!

5. Nasal spray

They’re here for a reason: nasal sprays. By using a nasal spray or saline solution you’ll be able to breathe much more easily. Don’t forget to not only use the spray during the day but also, or especially, before you go to bed. This way you’ll sleep much better. And sleep and rest is the most important thing when you’re feeling a little under the weather! Plus, you’ll benefit from this in the morning too, since there will be less mucous in your sinuses.

6. Hydration

Lastly, it’s very important to drink enough during the day. By staying properly hydrated, you’ll prevent the risk of becoming dehydrated. It’ll also make the slime and mucous in your throat and nose go away sooner. If you follow all of these six tips, there’s a good chance your cold will be gone after a single day!

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Source: Flair | Image: Unsplash

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