Why An Innocent Habit Could Be Increasing Your Chances Of Getting Dementia

Senior citizens who do this regularly appear to have a 40% higher chance of getting dementia

What’s better than taking a nap when you’re tired? Lots of people get some shuteye during the daytime. But research shows that there’s a correlation between people that partake in this innocent, enjoyable sleep and dementia in elderly citizens. 

Bigger chance of dementia 

Senior citizens that regularly take naps have a higher chance of getting dementia. Around 40% to be exact. This is according to research published in Alzheimer’s and Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association. For the study, lead scientists Dr. Kun Hu and Dr. Yue Leng observed 1400 senior citizens over the course of 14 years. To do so, they made use of an actigraph: a motion sensor detector which records their usual sleeping habits. 

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