This is why you should add mustard to your bath water


Mustard in your bath? It sounds strange, but here’s why you should do it!

We love a good squeeze of mustard on our hotdog or sandwich! A lot of people love mustard while others don’t want anything to do with it because of the specific, slightly strange, taste. However, the trick we’ve got for you today doesn’t have anything to do with eating. In fact, even though you might not like mustard, this trick could make it worth your while to go out and buy a bottle!

Mustard is much more useful than you might have thought!


Mustard has been around for a long, long time. The Romans already used it a lot way back when and it is still a common food product in modern times as well. Not only do many people think it’s a tasty addition to a lot of food, but it also has great health benefits, as opposed to mayonnaise and ketchup, which are much more unhealthy. Did you know, for example, that mustard can help soothe a sore throat? Mix one tablespoon of mustard seeds with a tablespoon salt, tablespoon honey, the juice of half a lemon and boiling water. Let this mixture cool and gurgle your throat with it. You’ll notice immediate relief!

That’s not the tip we are here for today, though. We’re here to tell you why you should add mustard to your bath water! Go to the next page to read all about it!

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