These are 6 signs you aren’t eating enough

2. You’re skipping meals

Maybe you think skipping meals is a handy way to make sure you’re consuming fewer calories, but it actually has the opposite effect. By not having breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’re basically turning off the combustion engine of your body.

3. You’re always having headaches

Does it feel as if your head might explode and are you shivering and dizzy? Then your brain isn’t getting enough glucose. This means your blood sugar levels are too low, which causes all kinds of physical issues. So, have something to eat before you reach for a painkiller.

4. The thought of exercising makes you feel tired

Do you almost keel over when you consider undertaking an activity? Are you practically always tired and do you have trouble concentrating? Because you’re not providing your body with enough fuel, it basically only busies itself with survival – this means you don’t have energy left for anything else.

5. You’re very irritable

When you don’t eat enough, your mood can get pretty bad. It’s even been scientifically proven that a lack of calories can lead to anger and frustration.

6. You’ve eaten but you’re still hungry

Have you eaten your dinner but are you still hungry afterwards? Then you haven’t consumed enough calories and nutrients. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to eat more, but it does mean that what you do eat should be of better quality. So, in future, choose whole grain products, proteins and healthy fats instead of a salad, which contains next to nothing.

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Source: Elle Eten | Image: Flickr; whologwhy LETTUCE, license CC BY 2.0

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