3 unusual things to use tomato ketchup for

tomato ketchup

You can use tomato ketchup for much more than adding flavour to your food!

We love some tomato ketchup with our fries or potatoes. Most people will have a bottle of this red condiment residing in their fridge or pantry. Do you always have ketchup on hand as well? Great! Then you can give these incredibly handy tricks a try. Who knew ketchup was this useful?

It sounds a little strange but tomato ketchup is incredibly useful for a couple of things around the house!

1. A dirty saucepan

You never really want to burn food in your saucepan, but sometimes it just happens. You don’t pay attention for only a second and there you have it: burnt food at the bottom of your pan. A saucepan can be pretty difficult to clean, but a little bit of tomato ketchup can work absolute miracles. Let the pan soak for a little while and then use ketchup to scrub it clean. It might sound weird, but it’s worth a try, right?

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