Experiencing pain in your neck or shoulders? Grab a tennis ball!

tennis ball

This trick with a tennis ball might help you get rid of the pain in your neck or shoulders

A lot of people experience pain in their neck or shoulders on a regular basis. It can have a lot of different causes, like wrong posture of working on a computer for too long at a time. Another cause can be stress, as that is likely to express itself via your body. For example, did you know that intestinal problems can also be a sign of stress? No matter the cause of your painful neck and shoulders, though, there is a simple trick that might help you alleviate the pain.

A simple tennis ball might just be the solution to your painful neck or shoulders.

Waking up

Do you often wake up with quite a lot of pain in your neck and shoulders, even though it seems like you slept perfectly fine? Then that might mean that your sleeping posture is not quite right. This is especially likely if you tend to sleep on your side. If this is something you recognise, you might want to try to keep your shoulders as wide-open as you can when you’re asleep. Of course, this is difficult to regulate when you’re actually sleeping, but what can help is to place a pillow between your knees or to hug a pillow to your chest when you’re asleep. You might be able to prevent a lot of pain this way!

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