Hold Onto Your Plates: 41 Diets That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Weight Loss Wonders or Woes? The Extremes Celebs Go to, Including Swallowing Tapeworms!

Hey, we get it. With the swarm of diet trends buzzing around, it’s almost impossible to keep track. But have you ever stumbled upon a diet so bizarre, it made your jaw drop? Welcome to the ultimate roundup of weight loss plans that are as weird as they are shocking. We promise, you’ve never seen anything quite like this before!

We live in a world where every other day, there’s a new “life-changing” diet popping up. From celebrities to influencers, it seems like everyone’s got their unique, “secret” recipe to drop those pounds. But hold your horses because these aren’t your everyday low-carb or vegan diets. No, these are the diets that make you scratch your head and wonder, “People really do THAT?”

We’re talking about munching plans so astonishing that you might need to pick your jaw up off the floor. Have you ever heard whispers of a diet dictated by the moon, or a meal plan that has you reaching for the ice tray rather than the spice rack? Or maybe one that lets you eat as much as you want, but only of one specific food? Intrigued yet? Well, you should be! You’re not just about to uncover some of the most astonishing diets the world has ever seen, but also face some uncomfortable truths. Will you find the holy grail of weight loss or a comically absurd eating plan? There’s only one way to find out! 

1. Swallowing Tapeworms

Probably one of the craziest – and most dangerous – diets is the tapeworm diet. This weight-loss “strategy” is as shocking as it sounds! Imagine, instead of hitting the gym or adopting a healthy diet, you opt to swallow a pill containing a tapeworm egg. As the critter hatches and grows inside you, it feasts on your meals, supposedly munching away all those “extra” calories. You, in turn, supposedly shed pounds effortlessly. Sounds easy and… utterly repulsive, right? But here’s the catch: it’s not only utterly grotesque but gravely dangerous!

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The tapeworm diet has old roots, coming from the Victorian Era. Back then, women wanted to look pale and thin, like those with tuberculosis. To get that look, they used tight corsets and even ingested small doses of poison. One of the risky choices was eating tapeworms. Nowadays, with all our knowledge, it’s surprising anyone would try this diet. It can cause many health problems, including infections and even brain issues that could lead to dementia. Moreover, there’s a twisted irony: while you think you’ve outsourced your calorie consumption to this parasitic tenant, it might actually boost your appetite, especially for carbs. So, next time someone offers a “magic” pill or diet, remember the tapeworm tale and think twice. Stick to greens and a good old jog instead!

2. Eating Cotton Balls 

In the wild world of weight loss tactics, the cotton ball diet stands out as a bizarre and perilous trend. Imagine: to suppress their hunger and dramatically reduce daily calorie intake, individuals soak cotton balls in juice and consume them. As unusual and unpalatable as it sounds, it’s also incredibly risky. Born in the modeling realm where runway-ready bodies are at a premium, this “diet” offers the illusion of feeling satiated without the calories of actual food. But here’s where the glamour ends and the grim reality begins.


Consuming cotton balls isn’t just a quirky diet choice—it’s disordered eating. The body isn’t equipped to digest these foreign objects. This means they can get stuck in our stomachs and cause serious problems. Plus, cotton balls have chemicals from processing that can be harmful. Over time, eating them can lead to big health issues, from hormone disruption to cancer or even poisoning from the chemicals. It’s always better to stick to real food and regular exercise. So, the next time you’re looking for a weight loss hack, it might be best to skip the cotton ball aisle.