Only 1% of all women recognise this symptom of ovarian cancer

ovarian cancer

Being aware of these symptoms of ovarian cancer can make a big difference

It’s something we all hope we’ll never have to deal with: cancer. We feel like more and more people are suffering from this horrible disease. One type of cancer that is awfully prevalent is ovarian cancer. This type of cancer appears in one or both of the ovaries. A lot of women who have this disease don’t notice that they’re ill because it doesn’t have that many clear symptoms like breast cancer or skin cancer. We will inform you about some of the most common symptoms in this article.

Only one per cent of all women recognise the most common symptom of ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer

According to Shannon Westin, doctor and associate professor of oncology at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, the symptoms of ovarian cancer aren’t very easy to recognise. “They’re very discreet, easy to ignore and can be attributed to other things, like a change in diet.” Unfortunately, ignoring the symptoms leaves the disease room to develop which means that it will be more difficult to treat when it is discovered. “It often leads to a late diagnosis,” Westin explains. Although the symptoms are quite vague, it’s important to visit your doctor if you experience one or more of the symptoms we explain below.


A British survey conducted by Target Ovarian Cancer showed that only one per cent of all women recognise the most common symptom of ovarian cancer. Per day (!) no less than 11 women pass away due to this disease in England alone, so it is important to be aware of the symptoms. The symptom so few women recognise is the fact that you need to go to the toilet much more often than before.

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Disclaimer: This information is not an alternative to professional medical advice. In case of doubt, please contact your doctor.

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