Got an eyelid twitch? Here are 6 possible causes

eyelid twitch

These are the possible reasons why your eye is twitching

It’s a very peculiar sensation: those twitching, vibrating, tiny motions your eyelid can sometimes make. They’re caused by a nerve in your eye. The human eyelid is very fragile and sensitive. Most of the time, the twitching will stop of its own accord, but when this isn’t the case, it might be time to make a few lifestyle changes. Your eyelid twitch is probably caused by one of these six things. 

That coffee addiction might very possibly be the culprit.

1. Too much caffeine

Drinking too much coffee might be causing your eyelid twitch. Caffeine contains stimulating properties that can raise your heartbeat, boost your metabolism and activate certain muscles. And yes, that could also be the muscles in your eyes. According to experts, the muscles in your eyes are more sensitive to caffeine than other muscles. There’s no specific amount of caffeine that will cause your eye to start twitching, but lowering your intake won’t harm. When you regularly have an eye twitch, try remembering whether you had a coffee or other caffeinated drink before the twitching started.

2. Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can have the same effect on your eyelids as drinking caffeine. Is your eyelid doing its own thing again? Then you might want to skip having that glass of wine.

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Disclaimer: This information is not an alternative to professional medical advice. In case of doubt, please contact your doctor.

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