Three things you should never do with laundry detergent

laundry detergent

You can actually do damage with your laundry detergent

All of us have some form of laundry detergent at home, be it of the powder or of the liquid variety. No matter what type of detergent you use, however, there are quite some things you should know about it. A lot of people simply pour some of the stuff into their washing machine, but that’s not exactly the right way to go about it.

This is how you make the most out of your laundry detergent and what not to do.

1. Dosage

The most common mistake when it comes to laundry detergent is that people simply pour some of it in without really thinking about the right amount. “It’ll get clean,” is what a lot of people think. This is a waste, though, because you probably use too much detergent because of this. And it’s not only wasteful because you’re wasting detergent, but also because your clothes can actually end up greasy because of this and can start to smell more quickly, which means you have to wash it again sooner. That’s why you should always stick to the recommended amount of detergent. Don’t use too little either, since your clothes might come out not entirely fresh.

2. Big washing machine

Do you have a big family and a large washing machine to go with it? Don’t forget to add a little bit of extra detergent. Washing machines range in size from 6 kg to 10 kgs, so that’s quite the difference. Do you have a big washing machine, i.e. one that fits more than 9 kg of laundry? Then you should use a little more detergent to make sure the laundry becomes truly clean. People who have a small machine for one or two people (6 or 7 kg) can use a little bit less.

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