These are the first symptoms of age-related cataract

The symptoms

There are a number of symptoms that can indicate that you are developing age-related cataract. Look out for the following changes:

  • Your vision is blurred, both near and far.
  • Colours are less bright and sometimes a bit yellow or brown.
  • You sometimes have doubled vision when you’re only using one eye to see.
  • Your vision is bad at night. You see a halo around streetlights, headlights, and other light sources.
  • You suddenly need glasses with a corrective lens that’s very different from the glasses you used to have.


Cataract is a progressive illness and therefore it can never get better naturally. Your sight will get worse no matter what, however, just how quickly that happens differs per person. It can only be treated by having an operation that replaces the damaged lens with a clear artificial lens. This sounds scary, but it is an operation that is carried out frequently and under local anesthetics. This operation can restore your sight completely, though sometimes reading glasses are still necessary. Are you starting to experience some symptoms? Then get in touch with your local GP to discuss the possibilities.


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Source: Libelle | Image: Pexels