Dry skin after washing your hands? With these tips you can prevent it

dry hands

Do you have dry hands after frequently washing them? This is what you can do about it.

Frequently washing your hands during the coronavirus pandemic is very important. By doing this, we ensure that the further spread of the coronavirus is limited. But is there a drawback to frequent hand washing? Yes, your skin dries out quickly, resulting in rough, dry hands. Would you like to maintain silky-smooth hands? Then follow these tips to prevent your hands from drying out.

The cause of dry hands

We wash our hands several times a day with (warm) water and soap. This removes bacteria and viruses from our hands, and prevents us from transmitting the virus to others. However, our hands also dry out a lot faster. This is because washing removes natural oils. In combination with the cool air outside and the effects of dehydration from heating, getting dry hands is inevitable. Continue to wash your hands well, but do not neglect to care for your skin. This is how you do it.

Ingredients in soap

Rinsing your hands without soap makes little sense. The soap disinfects the skin, but can also wash the natural oils off your skin. Therefore, use mild, nourishing hand soap. Milder soaps that are free of allergens are just as effective, but they are less likely to affect your skin. Check the packaging and see which allergens, perfumes or other ingredients have been added. A hand soap with a moisturizing cream also helps keep your hands soft and nourished.

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