Folic acid: this is what it does for your health

folic acid

Do you always feel tired? You may have a folic acid deficiency

Without being aware of it, more people are short on folic acid than they would expect. This deficiency leads to fatigue and a weak immune system. Folic acid can be found in many healthy foods, but the way these foods are prepared can affect how much of that folic acid is actually ingested. The result? Folic acid deficiency.

Folic acid is often lost when cooking certain types of vegetables.

Vitamin B11

The body cannot create or store folic acid, also known as vitamin B11. If you don’t get enough of it, it only takes a few months before you have developed a folic acid deficiency. Research has shown that 10-25 percent of the population have a folic acid deficiency.

Benefits of folic acid

We need the vitamin not only for a healthy immune system, but also for our nervous system. Folic acid also encourages the production of red blood cells and lowers homocysteine ​​(amino acid) in your blood. With a high level of homocysteine ​​in the blood, the risk of cardiovascular disease is greater. Finally, vitamin B11 improves memory and concentration and reduces fatigue.

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