Do you feel tired or burned out? You might have nutrient deficiency

nutrient deficiency

You might lack certain vitamins or nutrients

When the days get darker, it is not uncommon for us to feel more tired. But some people feel especially burned out in winter. And sometimes the cause can be because they lack certain nutrients or vitamins. This results in all the symptoms you might have been experiencing. 

When you frequently experience a lack of energy, exhaustion and if you feel burned out a lot, you might not be getting all the vitamins and nutrients that you need. Usually this is the result of a lack of variation in your eating habits. When you don’t different kinds of food, you will experience a deficiency of certain vitamins and nutrients. These are the most common deficiencies.

Vitamin D

One of the vitamins that people tend to talk about a lot in winter, is vitamin D. This vitamin comes from exposure to sunlight and that is why a lot of people experience a deficiency in this vitamin in winter. Luckily, whether or not you get enough of this vitamin doesn’t just depend on sunny days. If you head outside in daylight, your body will also absorb this vitamin. So if you feel like you might be lacking vitamin D, go outside when it’s light out. Take a walk around the block and take in all that delicious vitamin D.


An important mineral that your body needs to function properly, is iron. When your iron levels are low, you will feel tired and your immune system won’t work as well as it should. But in this case it isn’t too hard to add some extra iron to your diet. If you want to increase your intake of iron, you could add some more animal products to your diet, like red meat. Other examples of foods that contain iron: beans, nuts and dried fruit. If you make sure you eat a balanced meal with iron, you will feel better in no time!


Calcium is an important mineral for your bones. It helps keep your bones strong and will give you a general feeling of fitness. That means that if you feel drained, a lack of calcium might just be the cause. But in this case, your diet can work wonders too. So add some calcium to your dinner! You can do this by eating green vegetables like broccoli and spinach. Other options are dairy foods like milk and cheese or sardines.

If you feel like you have a nutrient deficiency, it could never hurt to alert your doctor and see whether they could help you feel like your old self again.

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Source: NHS, Elegance | Image: Unsplash, Christian Erfurt