This ‘unhealthy’ product turns out to actually be a superfood!


We couldn’t be happier with this superfood!

Researchers manage to surprise us time and time again. This time, the good news comes from Korea and it definitely makes us very happy campers. One of our favourite food products turns out to be much healthier than we thought! The product we’re talking about is… cheese!

Cheese turns out to be a true superfood!

We don’t know about you, but we can sometimes feel pretty guilty when we’re having a delicious cheese fondue. All those calories can’t be good for a person, right? Yet our beloved cheese appears to have a couple of very good qualities as well. Cheese has probiotics called Propionibacterium freudenreichii. We’ll all forget that name again instantly, but that’s okay! What matters is that this ingredient is used in making several cheeses since it helps with the fermenting process. The ingredient ensures that cheese has an anti-inflammatory effect and it’s also good for your immune system.

No guilt
Whether it’s a good idea to consume heaps and heaps of cheese everyday… Probably not. But you no longer need to feel guilty about a cheese fondue or a nice cracker with brie. Cheese doesn’t just contain probiotics, but also calcium, protein and vitamins. Enjoy this very good news! We definitely will…

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Source: Libelle | Image as illustration