THIS is what a white tongue says about your health! Very few people know this!

white tongue

A white tongue rarely indicates anything serious

Having a white tongue can disrupt your daily life quite a bit: you don’t want to laugh with you mouth open and you don’t want people standing too close when you’re talking to them. A white tongue might not be dangerous, but it is annoying and it does tell you something about your health.

What causes a white tongue? What can you do to prevent it or get rid of it?

White tongue
Having a white tongue can be an indicator of a low immune system. This has everything to do with bacteria and fungi that are naturally present on your skin, mucous membranes and throughout your body. Usually, these bacteria and fungi live in harmony in and on your body. Yet if your immune system is low, the balance between them can get disrupted, which causes the whiteness on your tongue.

So, it isn’t anything serious, but in some cases (very rare cases!) a white tongue can be caused by a serious disease, like AIDS. The whiteness can also occur when you’re taking antibiotics or undergoing radical treatments like chemotherapy. It can also be caused by a tongue condition that can make sure your tongue becomes white (or partly white). For most people, though, the cause is a lowered immune system.

Boosting your immune system
Time to boost your immune system! But how does that work exactly? Firstly, try to make sure you’ve got little to no stress on a regular basis. In the long run, stress can cause a lowered immune system. That’s why you need to get enough rest, eat healthily (enough vitamins, minerals and fibers), keep up your hygiene (wash your hands!) and get enough exercise. Those products that advertise they will boost your immune system are better left unused. As long as your diet is healthy and nutritious, you really don’t need any vitamin tablets.

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Source: Dokter Dokter | Image: archive