4 reasons why you should eat more sunflower seeds

sunflower seeds

These seeds are full of surprising nutrients!

If you already eat a fair amount of these tiny seeds, you might not need any convincing. But for the people who never eat this delicious snack: sunflower seeds are really good for you! We list some of the benefits of sunflower seeds below.


Because these little seeds are full of unsaturated fats, they are great for your heart health. Sunflower seeds lower your cholesterol and with that the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Unsaturated fats are so-called ‘heart-healthy fats’ and that means that adding some sunflower seeds to your diet, could do wonders for your heart health.


There are some diseases that are caused by chronic inflammation. Some examples are cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases and more. Because anti-inflammatory foods might help fight chronic inflammation, this means that eating anti-inflammatory foods could play a big part in keeping those diseases at bay. And one of the foods that is anti-inflammatory, is the sunflower seed. So add some of those to your diet to reduce the risk of getting sick!

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