Should eggs be in the refrigerator? Find out here!


Where do you keep your eggs? 

A lot of people have eggs at home and most of those people keep their eggs in the fridge. But have you ever noticed that grocery stores keep them outside of the refrigerator? Does that mean that your eggs should be stored outside of the fridge too? Let’s find out!

Extended freshness

The general statement is: eggs stay fresh longer when they’re in the refrigerator. In some areas of the world it is even dangerous to keep your eggs outside of the fridge. Like in the US, the eggs are treated with a substance that kills bacteria. This substance also causes the protective layer of the egg to dissolve, making the egg more vulnerable. This is why eggs in the US have to be kept inside of the fridge; bacteria can’t grow in the colder conditions. In Europe you could keep your eggs outside of the fridge, although it is recommended to keep them cold just to extend their freshness. 

Changes in temperature

Then why do grocery stores keep their eggs outside of the fridge? The reason is changes in temperature. Eggs stay delicious and fresh when they’re kept at a consistent temperature. In grocery stores, people constantly open and close the fridges, causing changes in temperature that influence the freshness of the eggs. This is why grocery stores keep their eggs outside of the fridge. 

At home, you are better off keeping your eggs inside of the fridge. Preferably in a spot where the temperature will stay the same. So not the little egg container that most fridges have in their door. This will make sure your eggs stay fresh and delicious for a longer period of time so they’ll taste egg-cellent when you finally prepare them!

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Source: delish | Image: Unsplash, Katherine Chase