Red, white or bubbly: this is how long an opened bottle of wine lasts


This is how long wine will keep after opening the bottle

Alright, we’ll admit right away that when we open a bottle of wine when there’s company around, it usually doesn’t last longer than one night. But there are occasions when we do have some wine leftover in an opened bottle. It’s such a waste to pour almost an entire bottle down the drain, right? But how long can you keep an opened bottle of wine? We’ve got the answer for you!

Red, white, or bubbly: how long wine lasts depends on its type.


As soon as you open a bottle, oxygen enters it and comes into contact with the wine, causing it to oxidise (a chemical reaction). This influences the wine, although the length of the process is different from one wine to the next. Find out how long you can keep an open bottle of wine on the next page!

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