Red, white or bubbly: this is how long an opened bottle of wine lasts

1. White wine

White wine usually tastes best on the day you’ve opened the bottle. Even as little as a day later, you can already notice the flavour becomes a little weaker. That’s why you can keep an open bottle for only one day. Although, high-acid wines (like a Riesling) will last a little longer; about two to three days. Generally speaking, you can keep wines from cooler climates longer than wines from warmer areas. In any case, it’s always important to put the cork onto the bottle before putting it in the fridge.

2. Red wine

The more acids and tannins a red wine contains, the longer it lasts. Light red wines are best consumed within a day or two. More robust red wines will last slightly longer; about three to four days. In some cases, the wine even tastes better when you drink it a few days after opening it! Tip: keeping opened bottles of red wine in the fridge will cause them to last longer.

3. Bubbly

When it comes to bubbly wines, a little bit of haste is necessary. The wine will be at its most bubbly directly after popping the cork. Here, too, there are slight differences, though. Champagne or cava will last a little bit longer than prosecco, for example. This is because of the way the bubbles are made.

4. Sweet wine

Sweet wines will often last for a couple of days before losing their flavour and smell. There are also fortified wines like Port, Sherry and Madeira. These wines will last a little longer after opening the bottle. Do make sure you keep them at a cool, dry spot.

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