With this secret ingredient you’ll make the most delicious cake ever!

secret ingredient

This way the cake will have even more flavour

Baking a cake is a pleasant activity on a gloomy day or when you just have an hour or two to spare and could do with a sweet treat. You can follow the instructions in a recipe, but by replacing a certain ingredient with a very unexpected secret ingredient you’ll bake the most delicious cake!

Are you planning on baking a cake? Leave the egg out of the recipe and replace it with apple sauce! Your cake will keep its texture, but it’ll end up with a different, much nicer taste.

This is how to do it
Take a look at the recipe and replace 1 egg with 65 grams apple sauce. Does the recipe says you need 2 eggs? Then you use 130 grams apple sauce, etcetera. Follow the recipe as it is written down in your cookbook or on the package of the mix, but do add half a tablespoon of baking powder to the batter. There is a chance that your cake will need to bake for a few minutes longer in the oven. It’s a tiny bit more work, but the result will be worth it!

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Source: Livestrong | Image: Pixabay