Got leftover pickle juice? These are 10 handy things you can do with it

pickle juice

Stop throwing out pickle juice because it’s extremely useful

What should you do with the juice that’s left in a pickle jar? Drinking the sour juice isn’t exactly a nice experience. A lot of people simply pour the liquid down the drain, but this is a huge waste! You wouldn’t expect it, but pickle juice has a ton of different uses. We’re going to tell you about a few of them below.

Who knew the juice from a pickle jar could actually be this useful?

1. Sunburn

Have you spent a little too much time in the sunshine without putting on (enough) sunscreen? Drench a cotton cloth in pickle juice and rub it all over yourself. It will help alleviate the burn!

2. Muscle cramps or aches

A lot of trainers or coaches advise their athletes to drink some pickle juice after every workout. If you drink a quarter of a glass of the juice from a pickle jar, your muscles won’t ache nearly as bad the next day. This tip works so well that Gatorade has actually developed a special sports drink with pickle juice that helps prevent aching muscles. Would you give it a try?


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3. Hangover

Drank a little too much alcohol? Your body is dehydrated and will be hard at work preparing a hangover. After a night out on the town, drink a little bit of pickle juice before you go to bed and you’ll notice your hangover will be a lot less severe. You’ll feel much better! This is due to the sodium and potassium that’s in the juice. These two minerals can also be found in your sweat, so it’s good to supplement them when you’re dehydrated.

4. Heartburn

Mix together some juice from a pickle jar with vinegar and honey. These substances are all good for your stomach. One sip from this sour mixture before dinner can properly prevent heartburn. It might sound contradictory to drink something so sour to prevent acid reflux, but it really works.

5. Losing weight

A lot of research has been done into the connection between vinegar and weight loss. It turns out that if you drink a bit of vinegar (which is what pickle juice is made of) every day, you’ll lose weight more quickly.

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