This is what Kate Middleton eats in a day! Fascinating!

Kate Middleton
We’re impressed with Kate Middleton’s discipline!

Kate Middleton always looks absolutely beautiful. Of course, she has the best make up-artists and stylists at her beck and call, but the Duchess of Cambridge does play a role in her own appearance as well. She pays a lot of attention to what she eats. Did you know she even does her own food shopping?

Kate has also been on a diet from time to time.


Most people don’t get a round of applause for doing their own weekly food shopping, but we think it’s a pretty fun fact that Kate Middleton does her own groceries. Yes, she’s got bodyguards and police accompanying her, but still! It proves she’s only human after all. So, what does she usually buy? We’ll tell you!


Kate has just given birth to her third child, but when she isn’t pregnant she likes to drink a glass of wine every now and then. After her first pregnancy she explained during a wine tasting in New Zealand that she really enjoyed drinking wine again now she was no longer pregnant with George. She also knows a lot about wine and how it is made. Of course, you’ll never see her get drunk, but she does enjoy a good glass of wine.


This is also an aspect in which Kate is just like the rest of us: she really likes a nice cup of coffee. During her pregnancy she was spotted at Starbucks. She ordered a decaf latte (caffeine is bad for the baby, of course) and a cookie, and she paid with a Starbucks card. We don’t think this is a daily habit for Kate, but during her pregnancy she obviously liked to treat herself just like anyone would. We totally get that!

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