This is what Kate Middleton eats in a day! Fascinating!

Raw food

To maintain her slender figure, Kate Middleton reportedly eats a lot raw food. She eats a lot of fruit and vegetables as well as other foods that haven’t been cooked. Among the Duchess’ favourites are ceviche, goji berries, watermelon and tabbouleh. When Kate and William visited India they told the hotel’s chef that they would like to eat only vegetarian dishes. They don’t always do this, because Kate has also followed a diet where she did eat a lot of meat. When she’s not dieting, though, she prefers to eat fruit and vegetables.


Most people will want to look their absolute best for their wedding day and Kate Middleton is no exception. It’s been said that she was following the Dukan diet right before her wedding day. With this diet, you don’t eat any carbohydrates in the first period. This means that all you eat is meat, fish, eggs and fat-free dairy. It’s very tough, but very effective as well. You shouldn’t do this for too long, though.

Favourite food

Kate’s quite adventurous when it comes to food. On holiday, she likes to go for unique dishes every now and then. Besides that, she also loves spicy food. She loves a good curry, but unfortunately her husband doesn’t share her love for spicy food. Chef Vikram Vij made a delicious dish for the couple during the Taste of British Columbia Food Festival, based on the food they served at their wedding. He made a dish with lamb and curry and made sure not to make it too spicy, for William’s sake. If Kate had had her way, though, it would have had a bit more heat to it!

Not allowed

Kate likes to experiment when it comes to food, but she can’t just eat anything she wants. For example, the royal family isn’t allowed to eat shellfish because this poses a higher risk for food poisoning.

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Source: Elle EtenThe List | Image: video still YouTube

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