We’ve been doing it all wrong! Gordon Ramsay says THIS is how you should be chopping an onion!

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay explains how to get a perfectly sliced onion!

Chopping an onion can be a real chore. Of course, there’s the fact that your eyes start tearing up as soon as you’ve made the first cut. But besides that, onions are usually also pretty slippery and hard to properly chop up – especially if you want a finely sliced onion. These troubles will be a thing of the past after you’ve read this article, though, because top chef Gordon Ramsay has some great tips. 

Here’s a step by step plan on how to do it!

Step 1

Usually, the first thing you’d do is chop off the root of the onion, right? Don’t do that! Ramsay says it’s crucial to leave the root on, because this will make sure the onion stays in place. Plus, if you cut off the root, the onion will start to bleed and you’ll start crying very soon. Chop the onion in half so you can place it flat on your chopping board.

Step 2

Place your fingers on top of the onion and the knife towards the root. Slice as close to the root as you can, but don’t slice it through. Try to make thin slices, because that way you’ll get smaller pieces of onion.

Step 3

Next, make two horizontal slices into the onion, one above the other, like in the picture below. Again, don’t slice it through completely, so the pieces of the onion are still stuck together.

Gordon Ramsay

Step 4

Now, cut the onion like you normally would and you’ll see the onion will very simply fall apart into the tiny pieces you want. Cut through to the root and try to waste as little of the onion as possible.

Watch the video below to see the trick in action and learn about four other great cooking skills from Gordon Ramsay himself!

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Source: Gordon Ramsey | Image: video stills YouTube