These are the foods you’re better off not eating when it’s hot outside

When it’s this hot there are some things you’re better off not eating

The ice cubes in our glasses have melted before we’ve taken our first sip and we’re eating ice lollies in bulk. In this heat, we do try to adjust what we eat a little bit. There are some things we keep eating even in this heat, though, and it turns out we’d be better off without them.

Ignore these foods when it’s hot outside.

Don’t eat

This news doesn’t exactly make us happy, but it does make sense: when it’s hot out, we shouldn’t be eating carbohydrates. That means you should restrain yourself around pasta, bread and rice. In this hot weather, carbs are extremely filling, which can cause you to get nauseous sooner. During a heatwave, it’s best to go for light meals, like elaborate salads and vegetables that contain a lot of water.


Do you want to keep eating carbs anyway? Wendy Walrabenstein, dietician and author of the book Food Body Mind, advises to go for slow carbs in that case, and to avoid fast carbs. Fast carbs are the not whole-grain varieties of products, like regular pasta instead of whole-grain pasta.

Animal products

Does it stop there with the food limitations during a heatwave? Unfortunately not. The dietician recommends to eat fewer animal products as well during hot weather. She explains that these products are more sensitive to going bad. Instead, go for vegetables, perhaps supplemented with some pasta, potatoes or legumes. To make sure a salad fills you enough, you could also add some black beans. According to Wendy, these will make you feel full as well.

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Source: Nu | Image: Pexels