What to do with old bread leftover from dinner?


No need to throw out stale bread

Whenever you buy a fresh loaf of bread or a nice warm baguette, it always tastes best right after you bought it. But to eat the whole thing right after purchase might be a little too much, and when we leave the fresh loaf out for too long, it will get stale. So what can you do with your old bread when it has dried out?

Reheat it in the oven

There are different ways to make your old bread taste good as new. One of those ways, is reheating it. If you slice it into smaller pieces and put a little bit of water on them, you can put those small slices in the oven, toaster or Air Fryer. If you only have a frying pan at your disposal, you can also toast the bread in a little bit of olive oil. This will give your dried out slices a little bit of a crunch, making it the perfect snack to eat with some soup or a salad.

Make it into a brand new dish

If you really want to get creative, you can use the old loaf and turn it into a whole new dish. A good example would be croutons: the little cube shaped, toasted bread that you can use to give your salad a yummy twist. Just add some olive oil, seasoning and toast it in the oven. French toast can also be made with a stale baguette; just make them the same way that you would with regular bread. The egg will make sure that the bread softens, turning staleness into a thing of the past. Another option is crostini’s. Those are small slices toasted in olive oil, served with delicious dips. That’s a whole new level of upcycling!

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Source: Kookfans, Cookie and Kate | Image: Unsplash, Sergio Arze