Lentils come in yellow, green and red and THIS is the difference between them!


So that’s the difference!

Lentils are part of the legume family, and they can really enrich your meals – although not all that many people use them in their cooking. They can spruce up your salad or soup and you can very easily use them to make your own burgers. Not every lentil has the same color, but what actually is the difference between those varieties of lentil?

Brown lentils

The brown lentil is probably the best-known variety and the one most people use in their culinary endeavors. They have a mild, earthy flavor and they keep their shape when you prepare them. The brown lentil comes in various different sizes. The dark brown and smallest lentil is called the Beluga lentil; this one tastes a little bit differently from the variety we’re most familiar with. The earthy flavor is a bit more prominent in the Beluga lentil.

Green lentils

Are you planning on making a salad? Then the green lentil is the way to go. They have pepper-y taste and a firm texture. Because they are a little more firm, you’ll have to cook them for a little bit longer than their brown counterpart.

Red lentils

If you’re looking to give your curry or soup an extra taste and texture the red lentil is your best option. They can make your soup a bit thicker in structure and they have a sweet taste, which can definitely enrich a nice curry dish. Red lentils are sometimes sold as yellow lentils in supermarkets.

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Source: HLN | Image: Pixabay