This is how you deal with a burnt mouth or tongue


These tips will help you ease the pain

It happens to the best of us: we’re just a little too eager to start eating our dinner or drinking our coffee. This eagerness ultimately results in a burnt mouth or tongue. And recovery feels like it takes forever. So how can we deal with a burnt mouth or tongue?

Burns, blisters and swelling

When you burn your mouth or tongue, the surface of your oral mucosa will get damaged. That makes the skin turn red, and causes your mouth or tongue to hurt. Sometimes it is accompanied by a decrease in taste an another consequence, is blisters. And these blisters could stay for a couple of hours, but sometimes even a couple of days. With the following tips, you might significantly reduce the amount of time spent in pain. And you will soon be able to fully enjoy that food or drink you have been dying to taste!


The first thing you could try, is drink some chamomile tea. Chamomile is known for its soothing and disinfectant properties. If you drink a cup of chamomile tea (not too hot, of course!), you can soothe your burns and make them hurt less. And that is the ultimate goal!


Another way to reduce the pain, is by cooling off. If you drink a glass of cold water or milk, you can cool the burns in your mouth, which would make them hurt less. Just take a sip of water or milk and keep it in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. You’ll notice that the cold will take some of the pain away, resulting in a more comfortable feeling in your mouth.


The last tip involves water and just a little pinch of salt. If you mix the salt with the water, take a sip and gargle, the salt will disinfect the wound. Ánd it will have a soothing effect. Eventually, you’ll notice that the pain subsides and you can actually enjoy your food again.

Just make sure to stay away from ice or ice cubes. Despite what you’d think, those will only make the pain worse. Another way to deal with a burnt mouth or tongue, is by steering clear of certain foods. If you eat a lot of ‘hard’ foods like chips or crunchy bread, you’ll irritate your skin and it will hurt more. Other foods that might make your pain worse are alcohol and spicy or spiced foods.

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Source: MAX Vandaag | Image: Unsplash