Red wine stains? This is how you easily remove them

red wine stain

With this tip, you can deal with your stains quick and effectively!

A lot of people like to have a drink from time to time. But with some drinks, a lot of caution is required while pouring or drinking. Especially red wine can leave persistent stains in your clothing or other fabrics. But luckily, there is a way to deal with those stains in an easy and quick way. No more fear of spilling wine! That will make drinking your glass of red even more relaxing. 

Fast action needed

Because the stains from red wine are so persistent, it is important to act fast. That way, the wine stain won’t be able to soak into your table cloth or the nice outfit you’ve been wearing that day. So whenever you spill some wine, take action immediately! By acting fast, you improve your chances of getting the wine stain out of your precious fabrics.


One way to remove the wine stain from your clothing, is by using kitchen salt. If you have a wine stain, simply put some kitchen salt on the stain. Wait for five minutes so the salt can work it’s magic, and then remove it. Now, you can put the clothing in the washing machine and wash it at the recommended temperature. When your washing machine is finished, your clothing will look good as new and the stain will have completely disappeared!


Another surprising method to clean your wine stains, is by using milk! If you get a stain on your favorite white shirt, you can let it soak in milk for a while. After an hour, you can put the soaked shirt in the washing machine and then your wine stain is nowhere to be found.

Other methods

Other methods to clean a stain caused by red wine, is with shaving cream or cat litter. Both can be applied on the stain, just like the methods above. After letting it sit for a while, you wash your shirt. You will notice that the stain has disappeared and with that all your worries about spilling wine!

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Source: Libelle | Image: Unsplash, Alice Pasqual