Feeling a little under the weather? Put an onion in your sock!


Try putting an onion in your sock!

We mostly associate onions with crying our eyes out or cooking a nice meal, which is logical, since we tend to use onions in our food. But did you know you can use onions for other things as well? In fact, an onion can be very effective in combating all kinds of everyday ailments.

Who knew an onion could do this much for your health!


Medical science has established that there are over 7,000 nerves in your foot that are in contact with your entire body. That’s why putting an onion in your sock can do wonders for more than just your feet. Once you’ve placed the onion in your sock, it will cleanse your entire body. It will suck the bacteria and germs out of your body, and because the skin on your feet is very thin, the good bacteria and chemicals are absorbed in your blood quicker. That way, the onion also cleanses your blood. And all that while you’re sleeping! Go on to the next page to learn more about the healing ability of onions.

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