Got a nasty smell lingering in your home? Here are 10 ways to make your house smell like heaven!

This way your home will always smell fresh

The trash can stinks, there’s an unpleasant smell coming from the drain and the sofa is also starting to smell a little musty. There’s a lot of things in your home that can cause it to smell less fresh than you want. We’ve got ten solutions and tips to prevent your home from starting to stink!

There are few things as annoying as a smelly home.

1. Air out

This is always the first step in trying to get rid of a musty odour. If you always keep your doors and windows closed, there won’t be any fresh air and the old air will start to smell musty. Regularly open your windows to properly air out your home. The best thing is to open two windows at other sides of the room to make sure the fresh air can get everywhere. Of course, it might get a little cold, but airing for a few minutes can already make a big difference.

2. Remove the culprits

Although this might take some time, your house will smell a lot better when you’re done. Remove, replace or clean all of the smelly objects in your home. Among these might be stinky mattresses, duvets or pillows (perhaps ones your pet likes to lounge on), damp laundry, old or mouldy food, mouldy walls or window frames, dirty drains and dusty spots. Yes, dust smells! Also check your windowsills and the hidden spots behind your TV and sofa; dead insects might be hidden there and emitting a foul smell.


3. Nice fragrances

To make your house smell nice you can burn scented candles or put down fragrance sticks or incense. There are now also certain aroma emitting devices you can simply plug into a socket. These things all smell very nice, but be careful you don’t go too far. Too much of a good thing, and all that! It’s also best to skip the kitchen if you want to use a nice fragrance like this, because most smells don’t mix well with food smells. A sweet flowery scent mixed with the smell of an onion, for example, is truly nauseating.

4. Carpet freshener

Spray your carpet with carpet freshener before you start vacuuming and your carpet will smell nice and fresh again. Don’t own carpet freshener? You can also use baby powder. Sprinkle it over your carpet and then vacuum it up. But be careful when you have a dark-coloured carpet, because it will take a while before all of the white powder is gone. The result is great, though; it smells heavenly.


5. Cook something delicious

Real estate agents have been using this trick for ages: baking an apple pie in the oven so the home smells delicious. You can do the same! Some food smells might not be as great, but cookies or a nice pie are always a winner. Your entire home will smell delicious and you have something tasty to snack on. It’s a win-win situation!

6. Cook something delicious: part two

Are you on a diet or just not very good at baking? Then you can still make your home smell heavenly by putting a pot of boiling water on the stove and adding lovely smelling things like cinnamon, orange peel or essential oils. Because of the steam once the water starts to boil, the smell will spread through your home.

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