This is why you’re better off ordering TWO burgers at McDonald’s instead of one!

Eating multiple burgers doesn’t seem like the worst thing in the world to us

We love McDonald’s. Fair is fair, the food isn’t exactly healthy and we don’t recommend eating there every day… But it is very tasty and a burger every now and then doesn’t hurt anyone, right? Right! And it turns out that it’s much better to order two burgers instead of just one! Nutritionist Emily Field tells us why.

There’s a bit of a price, though…

French fries
The reason why you’re better off ordering two burgers has to do with your nutrient intake, according to Emily Field. But, since everything comes with a price, for the benefits to work you do have to leave the french fries untouched… French fries contain a lot of fat and carbs, but hardly any proteins. Of course, burgers aren’t exactly innocent when it comes to fat and carbs, but they do contain plenty of proteins.

By eating two burgers instead of one, you double your protein intake and you limit your intake of fat and carbs. After consuming all of those proteins, you’ll feel full for a longer period of time. The chances of you craving a snack a couple of hours after visiting McDonald’s are considerably lower because of this!

So, perhaps it’s a good idea to go for a small burger next to your Big Mac instead of some fries next time you visit McDonald’s?

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Source: Libelle | Image as illustration