Genius: with this trick your potatoes will be done boiling twice as quickly

This way your potatoes will be done boiling much quicker

We love potatoes. Give them to us boiled, baked, roasted… We love it all! Potatoes are a clear favourite with a lot of people. It’s even the fifth most important crop worldwide, so that says quite a lot! Whichever way you decide to prepare your potatoes, they usually need to be boiled first. For the impatient ones among us (us included), this can take quite a long time. Luckily, we’ve got a trick that’ll help you boil your potatoes in no time at all.

They’ll be done twice as quickly!


Even though they’re still very loved, the popularity of the potato has decreased in recent years. That’s because low-carb eating has become quite the hit and if there’s something potatoes contain a lot, it’s carbs. But there’s actually much more to them than just carbs! They contain fibre, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals and these all help to ward off diseases. So, they’re actually pretty good for you. There are also some studies that say that they can help reduce constipation and inflammation. Quite the wonder vegetable, we’d say!


Did you know potatoes grow on a toxic plant? The plant is toxic, but luckily potato poisoning is very rare. However, eating a green potato can be very dangerous, so you should always just throw those away. Did you know you also shouldn’t eat potato sprouts? Potatoes contain solanine, but in such a small amount that it’s perfectly safe for us to eat. The sprouts, however, contain much more solanine which can lead to stomach aches and cramps. It’s advised to remove the sprouts and eyes before you eat your potato. To prevent potatoes from sprouting, you should keep them in a paper bag or in an open bowl to allow the potato to get enough oxygen. Keeping them in a closed plastic bag or closed container causes them to sprout and shrivel up.

We know how to keep potatoes fresh, but how do we boil them as quickly as possible? We’ll tell you on the next page.

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