Wow, this one simple ingredient will make your salad even healthier!

It’s as easy as it sounds!

When it comes to a salad, many people don’t really know where to start, which means they end up just chewing some leaves of lettuce and a few pieces of tomato. No wonder that you’re not feeling like eating a salad and go for the unhealthy stuff instead! Do you want to make your salad is truly healthy? Add a lot of vegetables and this one ingredient.

We bet you didn’t think of this ingredient.

Do you find it hard to believe that you can make your salad a lot healthier with one single ingredient? Let us prove it to you! Because there is one thing you can add to it to make it even healthier: oil. Yep! It’s probably the last thing you were thinking of, right?

Research by the University of Iowa has shown that adding a tablespoon of oil to your salad (or just vegetables in general) makes it much more nutritious. By adding oil to your salad, your body is much more capable of absorbing eight different nutrients. Among these are vitamin K, vitamin A and two types of vitamin E. So, it’s a pretty good idea to add an oil-based dressing to your salads from now on. Do make sure you don’t add too much dressing though, because oil is rich in calories.

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Source: Prima | Image: Pixabay