With this amazing tip you might be able to keep fruit fresh for twice as long

There’s no need to let your fruit go bad after buying it. With this simple trick, it will stay fresh for much longer! All you need is vinegar, salt and water.


After buying fresh food, put all of it in the kitchen sink. Fill the sink almost to the edge with water and then add a cup of vinegar. The vinegar will remove the wax and other dirt that’s stuck on the peel or skin of the fruit. It’ll also prevent mould from developing and this ensures that you can keep the fruit fresh for much longer. Also add a teaspoon of salt to the water as this will kill small insects. Let the fruit soak for ten minutes and then rinse it all and carefully dry it with paper towels. The fruit will last for up to twice as long than it normally would!


Most fruits can be kept outside of the fridge perfectly fine. They even lose their flavour when kept in the fridge! Some types of fruit aren’t suitable to be kept in the refrigerator while with others, the ripening process is slowed down when kept in the fridge. Typical ‘summer fruit’ like strawberries, raspberries and cherries are best kept in the fridge. The same goes for grapes and pre-cut fruits.

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