This is how you keep your pot from boiling over

pot boiling over

With this trick, your pot will never boil over again!

Does this happen to you? You’re cooking, boiling some potatoes or pasta, not paying attention for one second. And before you know it there is water everywhere and your furnace makes this scary gurgling sound; your pot boiled over. Again. Well, with this trick that will be a thing of the past!

TikTok hack

A great place to find some good cleaning and cooking hacks, is TikTok. And now, this trick has gone viral too. Because it is just too easy and everyone can do it! User @Sidneyraz posted a video in which he shows the trick and other users have shared the video widely. The secret? A wooden spoon.

How to do it

All you need, is a wooden spoon. It is that simple! Whenever your pot is close to boiling over, just put the spoon on top of the pot (not in it), and see what happens. Whenever the bubbles reach the spoon, they will pop and because the spoon is colder than the bubbel itself, it will burst and liquefy. The only downside is that this trick only works when you put the spoon on top of the pot right before it starts to boil over. If you put it on there when you start cooking, the spoon will get too hot and the trick won’t work anymore.

Other tricks

If you are easily distracted while making dinner, the spoon-hack might not work for you. After all, you have to pay attention to your pot and put the spoon on it before it boils over. But luckily for you, there are some other hacks you could try. Like adding some oil to the pot. The oil actually breaks up the surface tension of the water and that makes sure it doesn’t foam or boil over.

With these hacks, whether you’re a natural cook or not, your pot will never boil over again!

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Source: Kookfans, TikTok – Sidneyraz, Tyla | Image: Unsplash,Michal Balog