With this trick onions will (almost) never go bad


You’ll be able to keep onions for months with this trick

We often buy onions in large quantities – that’s how they package them in the supermarket, so that’s how we buy them. In large households, this stock will probably be depleted before you know it because most dishes like a pasta or stir-fry use at least an onion or two. But what if you live alone or with just your partner? Then you often end up with soft, squishy onions you can throw away. And what do you do if you only need half an onion? Keep the other half in the fridge only to throw it out a week later? Such a waste! Here’s how you can keep your onions for months and months.

Onions will never end up in the bin again with this trick.


Onions are usually stored outside the fridge in a cool, dark spot. A drawer or pantry is a perfect place, for example. If you put an onion in the fridge, it’ll become soft and start to grow mouldy pretty quickly. But what if you only need half an onion in a dish? We’ve tried storing the other half of the onion in the fridge to use the next day, but more often than not it ends up in the bin in the end anyway. So, what’s the solution to this problem?

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