5x You can also get food poisoning from this food

Lettuce, arugula and other raw leafy vegetables

The chance is small, but you can also get food poisoning from lettuce. Did you buy lettuce from the market? Then wash it thoroughly before you eat it. Again, the chance is small, but your vegetables can be contaminated with a bacterium from bird droppings, fertilizers, or ticks, just to name a few.

Bean sprouts

Bean sprouts are actually sprouted seeds. To ensure the seeds germinate, a moist environment is needed and many bacteria often grow there. “The infection usually takes place in the seed and when the seed germinates, the bacterial cells also end up in the plant,” Dr. Diez-Gonzales remarks to The Healthy. Again, the chance is small that you will get food poisoning, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to cook the bean sprouts before you eat them.

Canned kidney beans

Kidney beans contain a certain protein called lectin. If you eat kidney beans without heating them, the lectin can remain intact. And your body won’t be too happy about that. If you get too much lectin, you may get diarrhea or have to vomit. The solution? Heat the kidney beans before you eat them.

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Source: The Healthy | Image: Unsplash