Do you suffer from back problems? This is why you should not walk around with it too long

Don’t walk around too long with back problems

Back complaints generally describe  broad back pain or other discomfort. Many people suffer from back complaints. This can happen in a short period of time or be due to chronic back pain. Don’t know exactly where the pain comes from? Then see a doctor for a diagnosis. Walking around with back problems for too long can have unpleasant consequences.

Do you experience these issues? This is what you can do best.

Don’t wait too long

Walking with back pain for too long can only make it more difficult to treat the back pain. Often, the following applies: the faster you are there, the better. Always consult with the doctor if you suffer from back problems.

Types of back pain

Back pain can be divided into two categories: specific and non-specific. In the first category, back complaints are caused by back injury, such as, for example, damage to the spine, the nerves that run along the spine or the muscles in the back. Specific back pain can be determined in 1 to 5 percent of patients, because there is a specific cause for the pain. This can be a hernia, a collapsed or fractured vertebra due to osteoporosis, Bechterew’s disease, a tumor or an inflammation of the vertebrae and osteoarthritis.

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