Out of shaving foam? Try using this common food product instead


You can replace shaving foam with a common food product

There are few things as annoying as standing in the shower, about to shave your legs, and finding out you’re out of shaving foam. To prevent any red, irritated bumps from appearing on your skin, using shaving foam is definitely the best option when you want to get rid of the hair on your legs. Luckily, there’s another great option. It’s a food product pretty much everyone has in their kitchen!

Your legs will be silky smooth after shaving with this cooking product.

Olive oil

The miracle product we’re talking about is olive oil! Olive oil is great to use in many different dishes, but it’s also the perfect shower product. Some women have been using olive oil as a replacement for shaving foam for a long time already because it’s said to make your legs silky smooth and completely free of hair.

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